3-6 people

90 min

SawRoom: Game Over

About the room

SawRoom: Game Over - the end is here

Surviving wont be just your next mission, but your only priority. The only motivation will be the urge to stay alive, because the END wont be what you imagine it will be.
You can choose two game modes of the escape room:
Hardcore (3-6 people): The actor will be a big problem in your survival.
Are you fucking insane? (3-4 people): Torture, fear, heartbeat will all be fucked up. Don't get surprised whatever happens to you, you chose it yourself (NOT FOR EVERYBODY!)

Terms to agree with before playing
  • Do not resist

    There will be actors who will touch, catch, drag and bully you. At such times, the basic rule is just do not resist. Any attempted physical attack will result in immediate termination of the game for the entire team.

  • If you are being chased - run away and hide

    There will be times when your entire team will have to run or hide. Have in mind that at least one person of the group MUST run or the villain is going to find you and catch you. It is important to not allow the actor to do so, otherwise the game for you FINISHES!

  • Do not fuck up the game

    What we want from you is to dive into the atmosphere, get into the role we are putting you in and let us do our job. We guarantee that we will not disappoint you.

The room is not suitable for people having:
Panic attacks
Breathing problems
Expensive clothing


Price for a game
From 27 levs per person*
*depending on your team size
3 x
по 33лв. на човек
4 x
по 30лв. на човек
5 x
по 28лв. на човек
6 x
по 27лв. на човек